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Argos  is the British catalogue retailer that operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company trades through offline and online. It is over 845 retail stores, 29 million customers and almost a billion online visitors per year. It make Argos as one of the largest high street retailers in the United Kingdom. Argos was founded by Richard Tompkins on 13 November 1972. It headquarters in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England. The number of employees are about 29,565 (2016). The catalogues, usually publishes by Argos twice a year. It is in January (spring or summer edition) and in July (an autumn or winter edition). At the moment, it has over 1500 pages which contain the photographs of items, prices, a catalogue number and a brief descriptions.

Talk about Argos, in this article we are going to talk about Argos blackout blinds. In Argos, there are a lot of blackout blinds which can you buy. There are also many type of blinds, those are roller blinds, venetian blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds etc. Generally, the function of blackout blind is lighting controls on the window which enter into the room and as a window covering. The fabric of blackout blind made of Polyester like fiber glass material that coated with the special fabrics and with perfect technology so make it not curved.

Argos Blackout Blinds Argos Blackout Blinds

Besides that, the fabric of blackout blind is resistant to weather.Commonly, blackout blinds are used in the hotels, apartments and hospitals. However, there are also many people who use blackout blinds for their window’s home. Based on the research, there are many people use blackout blind in their home because the blackout blind has several benefits. Well, before we share about Argos blackout blinds, we are going to discuss about several benefits of using the blackout blind in your home. The first benefit, the blackout blind has the ability to regulate room temperature. It is also keeps your home from suffering the effects of sweltering summer sun. The second benefits, the blackout blind is able to do the noise reduction. You have to know that the extra thick lining of blackout blind is able to dampen noises. Of course, it is very useful for you so that you are able to sleep comfortably without the noises. Other benefits of blackout blind, it is very ideal for children’s bedrooms. Therefore, there are many parents who use blackout blind in their bedroom, especially for their children’s bedrooms.

Well, we will back to talk about Argos blackout blinds. If you want to buy the blackout blinds from Argos, you are able to see the blackout blinds which recommended in the text below.

1.      Heart of house Elliott wooden tape blind, 4ft, grey (£56.99).

2.      Heart of house Elliott wooden tape blind, 2ft, walnut (£34.99).

3.      Colour match Blackout Thermal Roller Blind, 4ft, flint grey (£14.00).

4.      Colour match PVC Venetian Blind, 4ft, super white (£13.49).

5.      Home Thermal Blackout roller blind, 4ft, dove grey (£14.99).

6.      Home Thermal Blackout roller blind, 4ft, cotton cream (£14.99).

7.      Home Thermal Blackout roller blind, 4ft, cafe mocha (£14.99).

8.      Home Thermal Blackout roller blind, 5ft, dove grey (£18.99).

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