Blackout Blinds for Velux Windows

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At the moment, we are going to discuss about blackout blinds for Velux windows. There are a lot of blackout blinds which designed specially for Velux windows. Of course, it designed with various colors, motifs, patterns, size and materials. So if you want to buy the blackout blinds for your Velux windows, you have many choices. Before we talk about blackout blinds for Velux windows, we are going to explain a little bit about Velux itself. Velux is a Danish manufacturing company that headquartered in Denmark.

It is specializes in roof windows and skylights. In 1941, Velux company was founded by Villium Kann Rasmussen. The founder of the company, Villum Kann Rasmussen, he was installed the first VELUX roof window in a Danish school over 75 years ago. Velux Company has a lot of employees. In 2016, it is about 10,500 employees. VELUX manufactures products in 11 countries and it sold in over 40 countries. VELUX was selected as the top brand in the Windows: Skylights/Roof category by the Builder magazine in 2005.

Well, we are going to back talk about blackout blinds for Velux windows. Actually, there are many stores or marketplaces which sell blackout blinds for Velux windows. How about the price of blackout blinds for Velux windows? Of course, it has variety price depend on colors, motifs, patterns, size and materials you want. Commonly, blackout blinds is used at the office, hotel, apartment and hospital. But, recently there are a lot of people who use it for window in their home. Why they are prefer choose to use blackout blinds than other? It is because blackout blinds has many functions. It is not only to cover their window and control light which enter into the room, but also to manage the room temperature. Blackout blinds also has function to make the room look more modern, elegant and beautiful. This is also very ideal to children’s bedroom because blackout blinds has child safety feature. The most material of blackout blinds made of polyester. Its material is resistant to weather.

Blackout Blinds for Velux Windows Blackout Blinds for Velux Windows

In the text below, we are going to share three blackout blinds for Velux windows. Here are blackout blinds which designed specially for Velux windows.

1.      Expressions Drifting Skies

This Expressions Drifting Skies blackout blinds is able to create a wonderful room. the most beautiful collection of hot air balloons create a nice scene for you Velux window. The accessories and soft pastels filling your  room. This blackout blinds is 100% polyester fabric. It is also has Easy installation system.

2.      Expressions Blue Clouds

This Expressions Blue Clouds blackout blinds is made of 100% polyester fabric. It has Aluminium side channels with added side brushes for better insulation and smoother operation. Of course, It is also has child safety feature.

3.      Expressions Abstract Sky

This blackout blinds is very suitable for bedroom of all ages. The motif of abstract sky is able to make fresh your blinds and room. With its geometric shapes and blue tones, of course  it is full of vitality. This blackout blinds is 100% polyester fabric.

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