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Do you need blackout blinds Velcro? If yes, you come to the right site. In this article, we are going to discuss about blackout blinds Velcro where you can find it easily at Original blackout blind kit with Velcro brand is £17.95. By this, you are able to complete darkness that is easily achieved by ensuring that there are no gaps around the window where light can enter. Original Blackout Blinds with Velcro brand hook fastener tape attach directly to the window frame and sit behind any existing curtains or blinds. It means that there is no need to omit or change anything already in place. There is no drills, no sewing involved, screws or frames and no other fittings are required.

From each kit, you will get blackout material, self adhesive Velcro brand hook fastener tape for the use on the frame of window, instructions and wide loop fastener tape for the use on the blackout material. All that is needed in addition is a measuring tape and scissors. The steps to install this blackout is as described below.

·         First, measure the window to be covered that includes the frame.

·         Then, cut the blackout material to the shape and size that is required. It is recommended to add 3 to 4 cm each side to make an overlap.

·         Next, attach the self adhesive Velcro brand hook fastener tape around the frame of window.

·         After that, you need to attach the self adhesive wide loop tape around the blackout material.

·         At last, press your easyblind in to place against the frame of window when it is required.

If you want, easyblinds provide cutting service. They can cut your blind to the size that you want. You just need to measure your window that includes all of the frame for example, from wall to wall. Then, you have to add 4 cm to the width and to the height measurements. It gives the small overlap on every of the four sides that is required for best blackout. You have to note that they will cut the size based on what you tell them and they do not add the 4 cm. If you want the specification of this products, we will explain it below.

·         Premium 3-coated blackout material. The material of this blackout has undergone rigorous testing to meet high demands of performance and aesthetic appeal.

·         The adhesive on their Velcro brand hook fastener tape is suitable for the use with uPVC windows and is durable for frequent use.

·         You have to note that this adhesive, even though not permanent, is quite strong and it could pull paint or varnish away from wooden window frames, especially where the finish is not sound. For the use on wooden frames of window, it is recommended to use 3M Command strips instead.

Original blackout kits with Velcro brand hook fastener tape and easyblackout are different. With both types, you can stick the hook fastener tape around the frame of window. If you use the original blackout kit, you have to stick loop fastener tape to the blackout material as well but with easyblackout there is no need to do this because this material will attach directly to the hook fastener tape on the frame of window.

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