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Lately, perhaps you feel that you cannot sleep well because of headlamp and also noise from the outside. Then, you are also possibly annoyed by the sunlight at noon which then creates glares on your TV screen and also computer screen so that you cannot enjoy using both of those devices. If it happens to you, it means you need blackout blinds for your window. When you check blackout blinds on some websites, perhaps you are shocked that the price is expensive enough. On the other hand you really need that. So, what do we have to do? Well, do not leave this page, because here we are going to give you some recommended blackout blinds that are cheap.

You can visit There, you can find blackout blinds that costs from £5. Standard range blinds from Cheapest Blinds are made from top quality fabrics and come in a wide range of classic contemporary colours and bright, modern, and vibrant colours. All blinds have guarantee for 3 years and are designed with long term heavy usage in mind. The types of this blinds are White Roller Blind, Cream Roller Blind, Magnolia Roller Blind, Light Dove Grey Roller Blind, Light Sage Green Roller Blind, Dusky Purple Roller Blind, and many more. If you are looking for blackout blinds that start from £15, you can choose Bright White Blackout Roller Blind, Light Dove Grey Blackout Roller Blind, Bright Pink Blackout Roller Blind, and many more.

Cheap Blackout Blinds Cheap Blackout Blinds

We also have some solutions for you to have blackout blinds without spending a lot of money. First, you have to avoid cardboard blackout blinds. If you use cardboard cut-outs to cover a window, it will look very rough and tacky in a home. Even though it may be the cheapest and simplest alternative to make your room dark, but it leads to an ugly distraction in your room. Instead of using cardboard blackout blinds, it is better if you use DIY curtains blackout blinds. To do this, you just need to buy heavier fabric and then sew. When you buy your fabric, the fabric that you choose does not have to be thick as long as it can hang heavy against the window, sealing out the light. To make it, follow the instruction below.

·         You have to measure out the fabric that you have chosen and then hem the sides and the bottom for a clean cut look.

·         Then, add holes into the top of the curtain for placing shower or curtain hooks, sew loops on the back of the fabric or fold over the top and sew a tunnel.

·         Now, attach your curtain hooks to a rod or slide a wooden dowel through the loops or top.

·         At last, place it in the location that you want above the window and now you can say goodbye to sunshine.

Besides making it by yourself, you can also use Magic Blackout Blinds sticker. They are effective and cheap with only $8.99. These stickers are a good alternative because they do not shimmer or crease.

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