Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind

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People who has stayed away from home with their children will know that it can be tricky to make a snoozy sleeping environment when there is too much light. The versatile Gro Anywhere Blind has been designed to be able to be brought anywhere with you. It also can be put in place in minutes. You are able to attach it directly to the glass by using suction cups in order to ensure a close fit which really block light properly. The new improvement from this blackout blind has Velcro fastening that is easy to use and quick to adjust. It features a new stars and moon fabric design as well.

Go Anywhere blackout blinds have the other features as describe below.

·         It can adapt to fit any window up to a maximum size of 130 cm x 198 cm. The version that is new also can subtract to smaller window sizes, while keeping maximum size.

·         There are new stars and moon design.

·         It comes with handy travel bag that can make you easy to bring anywhere.

·         It contains of premium black out material.

·         It also has Velcro fastening which is easy to use and fast to adjust.

·         It also conforms to highest applicable British and European Standards.

Some of you perhaps do not know how to install it. Now, we are going to give you some steps to install it.

1.       First, you have to make sure that the window is clean where the suction cups are going to attach.

2.       Then, start with an upper corner of the window. Work across the top first and then down the sides and eventually along the bottom.

3.       When you go around the window, you need to adjust the size of the blind to fit by using the Velcro patches.

If after some time you use that blind and then you want to remove it, or perhaps if you are taking it to go on holiday, you have to note that you do not grab the blind and pull. It can risk serious damage to the window glass. You just need to pull on the release tab of every suction cup to break the suction. The ‘release tab peeling action’ will permit air in and the suction cup will stop sucking. It omits damage to the cup edge caused by the finger nail removal picking action as well. Then, pulling on the blind to remove it from the window can lead to damage the eyelets and the blind. It will cause the glass to flex leading to possible window breakage.

Never use on windows which have broken edges, visible chips, cracks or any other glass or frame damage. Never use on laminated, textured or patterned or leaded glass or windows with internal wire strengthening. The Gro Company will not be responsible for any glass breakage that is resulted from the use of the Gro Anywhere Blind. The blind is able to be safety to be applied to normal single or double glazed windows in good condition.

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