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Do you need blackout blind to control the light level in your room? The light from outside like light from headlamps of vehicles or sunshine sometimes can be so annoyed. Those light can annoy your sleep time so that you cannot sleep well. In case you cannot sleep well, it can annoy your day since you will be sleep deprived. You know that in case someone undergoes sleep deprived, they cannot do their work well since they feel sluggish and sleepy. So, in case you feel this situation, it is time for you to have blackout roller blinds.

The use of blackout blind at your home has some benefits. First, it can be used to reduce glare and heat. Sunlight that comes through the window can cause glare to your screen of TV or computer and it makes you cannot use those devices comfortably. Then, in the summer perhaps you will feel very hot in all days. By the existence of blackout blind can reduce the heat because it has thermal insulation.

One of blackout blinds that you can choose for your room is blackout blind from Homebase. Homebase is the second biggest home improvement and garden retailer in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In February 2016, Homebase was acquired by Bunnings which is the leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products in Australia and New Zealand. The first Bunnings Warehouse opened in St. Albans in February 2017 with 15 to 20 planned to open during the year. There are 251 Homebase stores that operate across the United Kingdom and Ireland as of 30 June 2017.

Homebase Blackout Blinds Homebase Blackout Blinds

At the site of Homebase you can find a wide variety of blackout blinds such as roller blinds, venetian blinds, bamboo blinds, roman blinds, and vertical blinds. Here are some blackout blinds from Homebase.

Roller Blinds:

·            White Blackout Blind – 60 cm for £9.99.

·            Almond Blackout Blind – 90 cm for £11.99.

·            Teal Blackout Blind – 60 cm for £9.99.

Venetian Blinds:

·            Black Aluminium 25 mm Venetian Blind – 120 cm £13.99.

·            Natural Wood 25 mm Venetian Blind – 60 for £19.99.

·            Oak Wood 25 mm Venetian Blind – 120 cm for £39.99.

Roman Blinds:

·            Grey Roman Blind 60 cm for £29.99.

·            Grey Roman Blind 90 cm for £39.99.

·            Neutral Roman Blind 120 cm for £49.99.

Bamboo Blinds:

·            Brown Bamboo Roll Up Blind 60 cm for £3.99.

·            Natural Bamboo Roll Up Blind 90 cm for £5.99.

·            Natural Bamboo Roll Up Blind for 180 £9.99.

Vertical Blinds:

·            Swish Cordless Vine Leaf Cream Vertical Blind 122 x 137 cm for £29.99.

·            Swish Cordless Vine Leaf Cream Vertical Blind 183 x 137 cm for £39.99.

·            Swish Cordless Vine Leaf Cream Vertical Blind 183 x 228 cm for £44.99.

Those are just some of Homebase’s blinds products. If you like blackout blinds with pattern so that your room will look stylish, you can choose Poppy Roller Blind, Butterfly White Roller Blind, Lindow Duck Egg Blackout Blind, New York City Blackout Blind and many others. Well, for more information about blackout blinds and the other furnitures from Homebase, you are able to access the site.

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