How to Remove VELUX Blind

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Hello everybody, in this article we are going to discuss about how to remove Velux Blind. Do you know how to remove Velux Blind? Have you ever removed your Velux? If you do not know the way to remove Velux Blind, well in this article you are able to find out. As we know that Velux produces blinds in order to fit with its roof windows. It is different with the company’s windows themselves, the blinds don’t need to be installed professionally. It is also can be removed easily. Regularly Velux updates its blind selection. It is means that if you feel bored with the design you have, so you are able to take it down easily and replace it without any trouble. As we said before that in this article we are going to share the way to remove Velux Blind. If you want to remove your Velux Blind, you are able to follow these steps below.

1.      At the first step, to remove Velux Blind, you have to roll up your Velux blind as usual.

2.      The next step, you have to unscrew the screws in the sliders attached to each side of the window frame by using a screwdriver.

3.      After that, you have to pull away the frames from the sides of the blind sliders. It is has to click out of place.

4.      Then you are able to remove the sliders from the side frames of the window. Now you just need to unscrew the brackets at the base of the frame.

5.      The last step, you have to pull the blind away from the top of the window frame. It is going to click out of place.

This is the explanation to remove Velux Blind. You are able to try the steps above to remove your Velux Blind if you want to replace it. We think this is easy way to do, so you are able to do it easily by yourself. Actually, there are many people who remove Velux Blind. Why many people remove their Velux? It is many reasons also which make them do it. One of the reasons why they remove their Velux Blind, it is because they want to replace their Velux Blind with other design. As you know that there are many design of Velux Blind. Therefore, you are able to remove your Velux Blind with other design Velux Blind as you want. Talk about Velux Blind, in this article we are going to share some Velux Blind that used by many people. In the text below, you are able to see its list.

How to Remove VELUX Blind

1.      Stars Wars & Velux Galactic Night Collection.

2.      VELUX Blackout Blind

3.      Disney and VELUX Dream Blind

4.      VELUX Roman Blind

5.      VELUX Duo Blackout Blind

6.      VELUX Blackout Energy Blind

7.      VELUX Pleated Blind

8.      VELUX Venetian Blind

9.      VELUX Light Dimming Energy Blind

10.  VELUX Flat Roof Pleated Electric Blind

Actually, there are still many type of Velux Blind. For more information you are able to search from other website. The last we hope this article is useful for you.

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