IKEA Blackout Blinds

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Just like curtains, blackout blinds can protect you from what is coming through the windows whether it is sunlight or looks from the neighbors. This item is ideal for blocking out any unwanted light while adding the touch f style of the home.

Are you one of the IKEA lovers and looking for IKEA blackout blinds? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. In this page, you will be recommended about some blackout blinds sold in IKEA.

The first one is Block-out roller blind IKEA PS 2017 Grey. This one costs £22. The length of it is 195 cm and its width is 100 cm. you are able to cut the width of this blackout blind (by max 200 mm) to fit inside the window frame. If you want to won the RIKTIG draw rod, you have to buy it separately. This blackout has several key features. It has a special coating. It does not let any light through. It can be mounted either inside or outside the window frame, or even in the ceiling. This blackout blind is cordless for increased child safety.

IKEA Blackout Blinds IKEA Blackout Blinds

The second one is Block-out roller blind IKEA PS 2017. The length of it is 111 cm and the width is 120 cm. As for the height and weight, it is 5 cm and 1.26 kg or 1.13 kg respectively. Let’s talking about its materials. Its rod made from tinted clear lacquer, Galvanised steel. For the fabric, it is 100% polyester. For the fabric treatment, it is Acrylic plastic. As for the bottom rail, it is solid beech or birch, Solid pine or spruce. There are several key features of this item. First, this blind has the special coating and does not let any light through. Second, it might help you to reduce the heating costs as the air inside the honeycomb structure creates the layer of the insulation. Third, the cord is hidden inside the blind. It will make it safer if there is a child at home. Fourth, it can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

The next one is Block-out cellular blind TRIPPEVALS. This one costs £50. The length of it is 125 cm, the width is 8 cm, the height is 5 cm, the weight is 1.84 kg, and the weight is 1.62 kg. this blackout blind is made from the good materials. The fabric is non-woven polyester and PET plastic. The wall bracket is steel, polycarbonate plastic, and pigmented powder coating. The top rail or bottom rail is from aluminium and powder coating. The fixing device for this item is sold separately. However, the wall fittings are included. There is also RIKTIG draw rod that can make it easier to pull down the blind. It is easy to attach to your window frame. There is also no drilling needed. There is a surface in this blind that can block light from shining through.

So, which blackout blind you are going to buy in your next visit to IKEA?

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