Installing VELUX Blinds

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Hello everybody, in this time we are going to discuss how to install Velux Blinds. By the way, do you know how to install Velux Blinds? Have you ever installed the Velux Blinds? If you do not know about it, you are able to find out in this article. Before we discuss about the way to install Velux Blinds, we want to talk about what is Velux itself. VELUX is a Danish manufacturing company which headquartered in Denmark and specializes in roof windows and skylights.

The company was founded by Villium Kann Rasmussen on 1941. The number of employees in the Velux Company is about 10,500 employees. It is on 2016. The founder of the company, Villum Kann Rasmussen, he was installed the first VELUX roof window in a Danish school over 75 years ago. VELUX manufactures products in 11 countries and it sold in over 40 countries. In 2005, VELUX was selected as the top brand in the Windows: Skylights/Roof category by the Builder magazine.

Installing VELUX Blinds Installing VELUX Blinds

Well, we back discuss about the way to install Velux Blinds. If you want to install Velux Blinds, there are some steps which you can do. Let us see its steps in the text below.

1.      At the first step, to install Velux Blinds you have to affix the Velux blind to the top of the VELUX roof window by using the bracket attachments supplied.

2.      The second step, you have to attach the two aluminium side channels to the bottom of the Velux roof window.

3.      After that you should secure side channels at intermediate points to ensure smooth running action.

4.      Finally, the Velux blind is now ready for use.

This is the way to install Velux Blinds. Is it easy right? Do not forget, before you want to install Velux Blinds, you have to ensure that the Velux roof window is closed securely. In addition, in this article, we want also share the way to remove the Velux Blind. Do you know how to remove Velux Blind? If you do not know the way to remove Velux Blind, you are able to follo these steps below.

1.      To remove Velux Blind, firstly you have to roll up your Velux blind.

2.      After that, you are able to unscrew the screws in the sliders attached to each side of the window frame by using a screwdriver.

3.      The next step, you are able to pull away the frames from the sides of the blind sliders. It will click out of place.

4.      Then you have to remove the sliders from the side frames of the window and you can unscrew the brackets at the base of the frame.

5.      The last, you are able to pull the blind away from the top of the window frame. It will click out of place.

This is the way to remove Velux Blind. So, if you want to remove or replace your Velux Blinds, you can try to follow the steps above.

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