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Magic blackout blinds permit you to blockout windows anywhere in seconds. This is a temporary window covers that are made of a new type of blackout material. It enables you to block out the light quickly. Magic blackout blind is the easier and cheaper alternative to blackout blinds. Some of you perhaps wonder how to stick it and whether it leaves marks or not. Well, since Magic blackout blind is statically charged it will stick to glass and windows by using no tape, glue or pins. It means it will never leave any marks. It is very convenient to set and you do not need tools to be required. Magic blackout blind is easy and quick to fit and stop all light.

Magic blackout blinds can be used safely to normal glazed or double glazed windows, the type that you will find in a house or office. You have to note that never apply it to laminated glass, windows which are strengthened with wire, patterned or textured glass, tripe plane glass or even Velux windows or the same roof lights. Magic blackout blind is a temporary blackout blind which is designed to be removed on a daily basis. Velux windows and roof blinds are generally positioned at 45 degree and the film may not stick or stay in place because of gravity. Magic blackout blind is good for bedrooms, children’s nurseries, offices, shop windows, cabin cruisers, boats, classrooms, caravans, new homes, TV studios, new builds, holiday apartments, hotels, rented accommodation, flats and student houses. The customer consist of parents with babies who have sleeping problem, children’s nurseries, caravan and mobile home owners, people who have moved into new homes, parents on holiday with young kids, teachers who want to make their room dark when they are using projectors and interactive whiteboards, photographers and camera men who have to blackout bright light, film makers, AV companies, and construction workers. It is also famous with customers who stay in rented accommodation who are not permitted to put up curtains and blinds in the property.

Magic blackout blind is designed to be used early evening until morning and for afternoon naps. If you want to get the best results, you should not apply Magic blackout blind permanently to windows. It is suggested that the film be removed daily and put on a hard flat surface like a wall or wardrobe door when it is not used to retain static. In case this process is followed, Magic blackout blind sheets will last 6 to 8 weeks. If your Magic blackout blind sheets have lost static, it is possible to recharge them by placing near a TV or by rubbing the sheets with a fibre cloth. This action will generate static that will transfer onto the sheets.

If you find creases on your Magic blackout blind sheets, it is natural. Because of exposure to heat and the sun, the sheets will normally begin to show creases after some time. Magic blackout blind is a temporary blackout blind window cover which can be reused daily. You just need to peel off and reuse.

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