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Light and noise can be the reasons why you cannot sleep well. When you are at home, you can solve this problem by installing blackout blind at your window. Blackout blind can protect your room from light and noise that come from the outside. But, what we have to do when we are on holiday? When we are on holiday we also want to have a good sleep without any disturbance. Well, you can bring portable blackout blind when you are on the go.

There are some brands that offer portable blackout blinds. You do not need to be worried because this portable blackout blind is simple to bring and also easy to install and remove. In the website of Amazon, you can find easynight portable travel blackout blind new improved by Easy Blinds. This portable blackout blind is award winning large travel blackout blind for windows up to 2 m x 1.45 m. It has lightweight with excellent blackout properties. It is also quick and easy to use with strong suction cups to attach to the window glass. You can fold away easily in convenient carry bag and it is ideal for use at home and away. Silvered on one side to reflect both heat and light away can help to keep your room dark and cooler. You can simply apply the suction cups around the window glass and apply self-adhesive loop strips to the blackout sheet to correspond with the suction cups. Then, you have to press the blackout sheet against the suction cups to hang your blind. The blind will attach to the suction cups in the same way to Velcro and it can be attached and removed as and when required. This blackout fabric can be cut to the size if you want, it does not fray. In case you prefer to keep it full size so that it will fit any window, then you can simply fold or permit the excess to hang down when in use.

Besides, there is also Go Anywhere portable blackout blind large cream. It is portable blackout in large and cream with size 135 cm x 200 cm. It can be applied with strong suction cups included. It can be cut to size if you want. It also can be applied to glass or frame. It is ideal for office, school, presentations, holiday or campervan. Attaches by using strong suction cups so you do not need tools and there is no damage to the window. In the Amazon, you can buy this blackout blind for £35.90.

Portable blackout window blind from Blackout Buddy also can be your choice. The  Blackout Buddy has an easy fix system that is new with velcro tab attachments. The curtain will attach easily to a window or window frame or door and it can be adapted to fit most window sizes. The curtains have been designed to overlap window frames to omit the light which somehow manages to creep around the edge of a regular blind or curtain. The curtains are made from a lightweight durable ripstop fabric and it can be easily be set, removed and put, making it excellent product to use at home or when you go travelling.

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