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Are you looking for blackout blinds? Blackout blinds is useful for protecting your room from light. Besides, it can also control the temperature in your room so that your room can stay warm or even cool. To buy blackout blinds, you have to choose the best quality based on your needs. VELUX blackout blinds can be your choice because VELUX blackout blinds guarantee you a perfect fit, a stylish look and long lasting, reliable performance. The blinds that have high performance and are award winning are built to last as well. The blinds from VELUX are strictly verified to ensure flawless operation and minimal fading even after many years of every day use and exposure to the elements. If you require a control for light, protection for heat, but in a sophisticated look and a splash of colour, you have to find the right VELUX blind for your need. VELUX has a wide range of blind types and you can choose a colour or pattern which complements your room.

With VELUX, you will find exactly what you are looking for. VELUX offers a comprehensive range of high quality Blackout Blinds UK that perfectly darken any room at any time of the day. The blackout blinds of  VELUX are ideal for bedrooms and children’s rooms. VELUX also can ensure that you and your family can get a restful sleep. The fabric runs on two side rails and thus offers stepless position adjustment. It makes using the blind simple and convenient. You are able to combine blackout blinds with the other products of VELUX. For additional heat protection, you can set an awning blind or a roller shutter. For summer, an insect screens also protect you from disturbing pests such as mosquitoes and bees.

VELUX Blackout Blinds VELUX Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds from VELUX are made from the best materials so as ensuring an optimal blackout effect. It makes the 3 layered Oeko-Tex fabric especially dirt-repellent. The fabric is made out of a polyester layer and a lightproof intermediate layer. The back is made from a special coating made of aluminium. The high quality coating protects any room from light that comes in from outside and improves insulation as well. With blackout blinds from VELUX you are not only able to darken your living rooms with ease but you can also avoid losing heat through the window in the winter and thereby improve the energy balance of your house.

Blackout blinds from VELUX has some variants of operation. The first is manually operated blackout blind. With guide rails, it can be opened and closed easily with the ergonomically shaped handle and offer stepless position adjustment. The second is electrically operated blackout blind. It offers comfort at the push of a button. It also can be opened and closed conveniently. Especially it is useful for skylight that is difficult to access. The third is Solar-powered blackout blinds. They can be opened and closed easily through the integrated solar cell with a powerful battery. Same as quality and function, the design of the blind obviously plays a decisive role in deciding what you to buy. VELUX offers a wide selection of colours. You can select 24 different colours and designs.

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